1. Scholarship
Mr. Dawa Kami SherpaName: Mr. Dawa Kami Sherpa
Golden Peak High School, Chahabahil, Kathmandu.
His father late Nwang Tochhe Sherpa died in April 1994 while mountaineering Mt. Everest with American team. NMA granted him scholarship to study from April 2004.
Ms. Ang Reku SherpaName: Ang Phurba Sherpa
Class: 5 (Five) studying
School: Mount Kailash School, Kopan, Kathmandu.
His father late Kami Dorchi Sherpa died while mountaineering Mt. Annapurna on 29 April 1999. NMA granted him scholarship for the study from July 2005.
Mr. Dawa Kami SherpaName: Ms. Mingma Sherpa
Class: 3 (Three) studying
School: Marigold Boarding School, Naya Baneshwor, Kathmandu.
Her father Mr. Gyalzen Sherpa was Mt. Everest Summiteer and due to his deteriorating health condition, he could not earn for living. NMA granted her scholarship from April 2004.
Ms. Ang Reku SherpaName: Mr. Pasang Tshering Sherpa
Class: Upper Kinder Garden studying
School: Gyanmala English School, Boudha, Kathmandu.
His father late Pasang Sherpa, professional mountaineer, died while trekking in Solukhumbu region. NMA granted scholarship to him from August 2005.
Mr. Dawa Kami SherpaName: Ms. Alisa Gurung
Class: Lower Kinder Garden studying
School: Manasalu Public School, Nayabazar, Kathmandu
Her father late Iman Gurung died in avalanche occurred in Kanguru Peak on 20 October 2005. He was the chief instructor of NMA. The scholarship commenced from 2006 August.
Ms. Ang Reku SherpaName: Mr. Saugat Timilsina
Class: Nursery studying
School: Pragya Higher Secondary School, Kathmandu
Scholarship granted from Baisakh 2064
His father late Saroj Kumar Timilsina died in Nepal Japan Nangpai Gosum Friendship Expedition 2006 organized to mark the completion of fifty years of Nepal Japan relationship. He was deputed as liaison officer for the expedition. The scholarship commenced from 2007 April.
Name: Mr. Aakash Tamang
Class: 5 (Five) studying
School: Constellation Academic Garden English Boarding High School,  Bisalnagar, Kathmandu
His father Mr. Arjung Tamang, suffering from paralysis, ascended Mt. Annapurna with 198 Korean Annapurna I in 1998. NMA granted him scholarship from July 2005.

Name: Mr. Lhakpa Sona Sherpa
Class: 2 (Two) studying
School: Mahendra Boudha Secondary School,  Boudha, Kathmandu.
His late father Ang Gyalzen Sherpa was mountaineer by profession and died in 2002. NMA granted him scholarship to study from April 2005.

2. Employment
Mr. Ang Rita Sherpa, a renowned mountaineer titled Snow Leopard was appointed as Honorary Field Director in 1994.
3. Disable allowance
NMA is providing disable allowance to Mr. Lhakpa Sherpa of Rs. 1500 per month from 1994. He was the member of Speed Everest Expedition 1994.
5. Financial Assistance
  1. Fixed Deposit of Rs.100,000 to the widow of world famous mountaineer late
    Mr. Sungdare Sherpa (1994/3/31).
  2. Financial cooperation of Rs.15,000 to widow of late Chhotare Sherpa (1997/3/31).
  3. Fixed Deposit of Rs. 150,000 to widow of Mt. Everest Summiteer late Mr. Sonam Tshering Sherpa.
  4. Donation of Rs. 700,000 for the construction of the statue of first female Nepalese Mt. Everest Summiteer late Mrs. Pasang Lhamu Sherpa.
  5. Medical Treatment to Mr. Ongchu Lama who was injured climbers during the first Everest Cleaning Campaign 1996 conducted by NMA (1996/7/9).
  6. Financial support of Rs. 100,000 to Everest Summiteer Mr. Kaji Sherpa for his first attempt to hold the world record of fastest Everest climber in 1994 and the award of Rs. 111,000 on his success of setting the record of fastest Everest Summiteer (20 hours 24 minutes) in 1998 (1999/4/8).
  7. Donation of Rs. 150,000 for the construction of porter shade at Imjatse Base Camp in 1997/98 and donation of Rs. 300,000 to Nepal Himalayan Guide Association to construct porter sheds at Lobuje & Gokyo Base Camps in 1999/2000. (2002/11/12).
  8. Financial support of Rs. 300,000 to Solukhumbu District Development Committee to make new route to Mera Peak in 1997/98.
  9. Donation of Rs. 100,000 to reconstruct the Dolim Bridge, which is on the way of NMA's popular Imjatse Peak in Solukhumbu.
  10. Encouraging support of Rs. 105,000 to Master Arbin Timilsina for his effort to set record of being youngest Mt.  Everest Climber in 1998/99.
  11. Total medical treatment to youngest climber Mr. Temba Tshiri Sherpa, who was caught by frostbiting during his first effort to set up a record of being youngest Mt. Everest Summiteer on spring 2000.
  12. Financial support to the three children of late Mr. Kami Dachi Sherpa, mountaineer who died during Annapurna Expedition (1999/8/22).
  13. Financial support amounting Rs. 3,00,000 for the construction of Porter Shed in Mera Peak region (2001/11/12).
  14. Financial support of Rs. 10,000 to Mr. Phurba Jangbu Sherpa whos thumbs of both feet was injured by frostbite (2002/07/02).
  15. Financial support to cover medical expenses to mountaineer Mr. Dawa Wangchhu Sherepa (2003/05/02).
  16. Financial support of Rs. 15,000 to the wife of mountaineer Late Pema Norbu Sherpa, who died in Mt. Kangaru disaster (2005/12/09).
  17. Financial support of Rs. 15,000 to the family and scholarship for school level education to the daughter of Instructor Late Iman Singh Gurung, who died in Mt. Kangaru disaster (2006/05/23).
  18. Financial support of Rs. 15,000 to the wife of mountaineer Late Pasang Sherpa, who died in Mt. Kangaru disaster (2006/05/23)
  19. Financial support of Rs. 8,000 to the medical treatment of Mr. Singi Lama, who was injured on Mt. Pumari (2006).
  20. NMA allotted the annual budget of Rs. 42,000 for the salary of one teacher of Kakani Pre Primary School, Kakani. (2006)
  21. Financial assistance of Rs. 15,000 to the family of late Mr. Phurba Thundu Sherpa, who lost his life during Mt. Pumori Expedition. (2007)
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