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Larkya Peak is a very satisfying peak to climb in combination with the
Manaslu Circuit Trek. It offers fairly easy climbing with fabulous views of
Manaslu, the Annpurnas, Ganesh Himal and beyond.
There is often confusion however about which peak it is and groups are often
lead up a steep line to a subsidiary peak known as Sano (small) Larkya
m). Base camp is close to the Larkya La, a pass of 5,135 m. Sano
Larkya Peak can be climbed in a long day from this base camp. However, to
climb Thulo (big) Larkya (6,249 m), a high camp is needed.
Reaching this true Larkya Peak is a long but easy climb on snow slopes that
are slightly less steep than Sano Larkya Peak. The best option for climbers is
to make a high camp and then complete both peaks.
Larkya Peak
Peak Facts
Alternative Names: Also spelled
Larkye Peak.
Permit group: A
Height: 6249m - 20501ft
Latitude: 28.64585400
Longitude: 84.53228500
Location: Manaslu
Duration: 15 Days
Days 1-8:
Bus ride from Kathmandu to
Arughat and begin trekking along the winding
gorge of the Budi Gandaki river on the
Manaslu Circuit Trek. As the valley widens,
Manaslu comes stunningly into view. Visit
Manaslu Base Camp and Rui La (4,998 m)
for acclimatization. Reach base camp just
below the Larkya La pass at 5,135 m.
Days 9-11:
Set up base camp, high camp
and reach summits.
Day 12-15:
Trek out to road-head on the
Annapurna Circuit.