July 2018

Nepal Mountaineering Association


Change in price of IMM Entrance ticket - 2nd July, 2018

The Central Secretariat meeting of 31st Baishak 2075 B.S decided to amend the price of entrance ticket of International Mountain Museum (IMM), Pokhara as follow with effect from 1 Shrawan 2075 B.S (17 July 2018).

S.No                          Ticket Type                                                Price
1                                  Foreigner                                                  Rs 500/-
2                                  SAARC Nation                                          Rs 250/-
3                                  Nepali                                                       Rs 100/-
4                                  Student                                                     Rs 50/-
5                                  Resident visa                                            Rs250/-

Film Shooting:
Short / Video film: Rs. 2500
Feature film: Rs. 5000

Construction of toilet completes at Mera high camp

NMA in coordination with Mera Alpine Conservation Group built two toilets at the high camp, 5780m of Mera peak.


Change in the price of registration and renewal fee of different members of NMA

The Executive Board Meeting of 24th Ashad 2075 B.S (8th July 2017) decided to amend the price of registration and renewal fee of Resource Member, Sardar (Red Book), Senior Support Climber (Blue Book), Support Climber ( Black Book) and General member as follow with effect from 1 Shrawan 2075 B.S (17 July 2018).

                                                              Registration                                                Renew
Resource Member                                 Rs 5000/-                                                   Rs 3000/-
Sardar (Red Book)                                 Rs 500/-                                                     Rs 300/-
Senior Support Climber (Blue Book)      Rs 500/-                                                     Rs 200/-
Support Climber (Black Book)                Rs 500/-                                                     Rs 200/-
General Member                                    Rs 2000/-                                                   Rs 1000/-

Note: If any book is lost there will be a fine of Rs. 500/-

Chain Anchor Fixing, installation of signage and cleaning campaign

Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) completed the fixing chain anchor in Ganjala pass and cleaning campaign in base camps of Yala peak, Naya Khanga and Ganjala pass from 8 - 21 July 2018. The program was led by Central Executive Board Member Pasang Tendi Sherpa and about 650 kg of garbage was collected during the campaign. NMA hopes the fixing of the anchor will definitely help for the Mountaineers and trekkers during their trekking. Similarly, Central Executive Board Member Sanjeeb Gurung fixed the chain anchor in Sherpani col pass ( North & south col pass) and Amphu Lapcha pass. These areas are considered as the toughest part of the trekking and hope it will ease mountaineer to clear this pass with less risk. Mr. Gurung studies the possibility of fixing chain anchor at Tashi lapcha, Rolwaling pass.
Central Executive Board Member Singi Lama led the team to fix the 55 signage of steel in Panchpokhari of Sindhupalchok and Tilman Pass.


Completion of Mountain Leader Course-Component I

NMA's regular training program- Mountain Leader Course-Component I completed on 23 July 2018 at International Mountaineer's Memorial Park, Kakani. The training has the participants of 21 and it started from 9 July in Kathmandu. NMA General Secretary Kul Bahadur Gurung, Central Executive Board Member Tul Singh Gurung and Chief Administrative Officer Jinesh Sindurakar participated in the closing program at Kakani on 23 July. NMA General Secretary distributed certificate of participation and log books to the trainers.