Adaptation is crucial in tackling global warming - Experts
December 10, 2023

Experts have emphasized the importance of adaptation in tackling global warming issues, acknowledging that stopping it entirely is nearly impossible. During a panel discussion on Sunday, organized by the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) as part of the 8th Mountain Festival, experts expressed concerns that the impacts of global warming could become more dangerous in the days to come.

Dr. Ghana Shyam Gurung, the Country representative of WWF, Nepal, highlighted the alarming transformation of our mountains into black rock, a direct consequence of the intensifying heat attributed to global warming. He emphasized, "The darkening of our mountains is a result of global warming. Our focus must shift towards adaptation, as the prospects of prevention appear almost impossible."

Senior Journalist Mr. Kunda Dixit urged all stakeholders to prioritize the management of drinking water resources. He warned of an impending crisis that extends beyond the melting snow, foreseeing challenges for drinking water supplies in the future as global warming threatens to close off existing sources.

Researcher Mr. Jagannath Adhikari shed light on the growing complexities of weather forecasting induced by global warming. He remarked, "Farmers once relied on fixed schedules for their agricultural practices, but the unpredictable shifts caused by global warming make it increasingly challenging for them to determine the time for farming."

Dr. Amina Maharjan of ICIMOD drew attention to the impact of global warming on agricultural production, emphasizing the plight of farmers struggling during harvests. She said, "Global warming is imposing challenges on Agriculture, Tourism, and Health. Even foreign tourists are being deprived of the opportunity to witness Nepal's majestic mountains during their scheduled visits."

NMA President, Mr. Nima Nuru Sherpa, urged collaboration among concerned associations and parties to address the escalating problems fueled by global warming. He expressed urgency, stating, "The situation is deteriorating day by day, and we can no longer afford to delay. It is important for us to unite and combat this challenge, otherwise, we risk plunging into disaster."

Mr. Sherpa also highlighted the relentless efforts of the NMA in tirelessly working towards the preservation of mountains and the mountain environment.

The impactful session, held at the IMM conference hall, was moderated by Mr. Jinesh Sindurakar, Chief Administrative Officer of NMA.


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