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Kumar Khadga Bikram Adventurous Award: Kumar Khadga is the founder President of NMA. His tenure as President of NMA was from 1993- 1970. He is one of the great academicians and had deep interest in mountain and mountaineering. He also led successfully as General Leader of Tri-nation (Nepal, Japan and China) Everest Expedition 1990. His contribution in the establishment of NMA and in raising the image of NMA in UIAA is very appreciative. Kumar Khadga Bikram Adventurous Award was established in 2004 and it is awarded to Nepalese and foreign national in alternate year involved in courageous contribution in rescue activities on the mountains of Nepal.

Kumar Khadga Bickram Sahasik Puraskar

S.N Name Year
1 Lt.Col. Gunja Man Singh Lama 2004
2 Maurice Herzog - (France)            2005
3 Capt. Madan K.C.      2006
4 Ms.Megan Macgrath - (Canada)   2007
5 Nepal Mountaineering Instructors'  Association    2009
6 Mr.Lakpa Geljen Sherpa    2009
7 Mr.Gullermo Benegas (Willie) (USA)   2011
8 Mr.Damian Benegas (USA)   2011
9 Mr.Lakpa Sherpa                      2012
10 Capt. Jason Laing    2014
11 Mr.Tshering Pande Bhote 2015
12 Mr. Ken Nuguchi 2016
13 Mr.Mingma Sherpa


14 Mr. Um Hong Gil 2018
15 Ms. Dawa Yanzum Sherpa 2019

Dr. Harka Gurung Mountaineering Award:  Dr. Harka Gurung was also the chief advisor of Nepal Mountaineering Association from2002-2006 AD. His main areas of professional interest included demography, development planning, environment, geography, sociology, and tourism. He was a prominent conservation expert and Nepal’s foremost authority on the Himalaya, making significant contributions to the promotion of mountain tourism and the conservation of wildlife and environment. Harka lead the government committee formed to provide names to mountain peaks in the late 1970s. Dr. Gurung is the first Tourism Minister of Nepal. He also worked in academia as demonstrator at the University of Edinburgh, research fellow at the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, lecturer at Tribhuvan University, and visiting fellow at the Population Institute/East-West Center. Dr. Harka Gurung Mountaineering Award was established in 2007. This award is distributed to Nepalese and foreign national in alternate year involved in the following areas.

  • Research, prepare and published thoughtful report on Nepal’s mountain tourism
  • Travelogue, literature focused Nepal’s on mountain tourism
  • Implementation of creative thought for the development of Nepal’s mountain tourism
  • Conservation of mountain environment in Nepal
  • Appreciative contribution in mountain tourism of Nepal

Dr. Harka Gurung Parbatiya Puraskar

S.N Name Year
1 Ms.Elizabeth Hawley    2006
2 Mr.Takashi Miyahara    2007
3 Avia Club of Nepal        2009
4 Mr.Pratik Dhakal            2009
5 Late Mr. Jean Coudrey - (France)      2011
6 Himalayan Rescue Association     2012
7 Brougton Coburn   2014
8 Mr.Mahabir Pun 2015
9 Mr.Richard Regan 2016
10 Mr.Buddhi Narayan Shrestha


11 Mr. In Young Lee 2018
12 Late Ang Tshering Sherpa 2019

Dawa Norbu Mountain Tourism Journalism Award: Dawa Norbu Sherpa was President of Nepal Mountaineering Association from 2050-2054. Mr. Sherpa played key role in the promotion of Nepal's mountain tourism. His contribution is also greatly, remembered for the establishment and operation of International Mountain Museum, Pokhara. The level of NMA's mountaineering training that attained today and its professional is also the result of Mr. Sherpa's hard work and dedication. NMA established this award for his contribution in the field of mountain tourism and it is awarded to only Nepalese citizen every year selected on the basis of the following areas.


  • Research, news and reporting published thoughtful report on Nepal’s mountain tourism.
  • Travelogue, literature and documentary focused on Nepal’s mountain tourism.
  • Contribution in uplifting the Nepal’s mountain tourism through news reporting, publications and documentary.

Dawa Norbu Parbatiya Paryatan Patrakarita Puraskar     

S.N Name Year
1 Ramesh Tiwari   2004
2 Krishna Tamrakar         2005
3 Kedar Man Singh      2006
4 Binaya Gurubacharya      2007
5 Gantabya Nepal        2009
6 Sunrise Nepal          2009
7 Tourism News Digest  2009
8 Mr. Raju Silwal        2011
9 Mr. Bikash Prasad Lohani         2012
10 Mr. Amrit Bhadgaunle       2014
11 Mr.Narayan Bhandari 2015
13 Mr.Hari Gopal Pradhan 2016
14 Mr.Chet Bahadur Adhikari 2016
15 Mr.Prakash Khaling 2016
16 Mr.Ballav Mani Dahal 2017
17 Mr. Rajan Pokharel 2018
19 Mr. Bharat Bandhu 2019
20 Julie Gurung 2019


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