Annual Events

International Mountain Museum Day- 5 February

NMA's mega project InternationalMountainMuseum was officially inaugurated on 5 Feb 2004. Since then, we have been organizing different programs on Feb 5 annually to mark the establishment of new tourism product IMM in Pokhara.

UIAA Management Committee – March

The Management Committee meeting of UIAA takes place annually in March.

UAAA Council Meeting - May

Union of Alpine Association of Asia (UAAA) is the umbrella organization of different Asian alpine clubs and NMA is the founder member of UAAA. The Council Meeting of UAAA takes place annually in the month of May.

International Sagarmatha (Everest) Day- 29 May

Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has declared 29 May in 2007 as the International Sagarmatha (Everest) Day to mark the first ascent of Mt. Everest -29 May 1953 by Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary.

Annapurna Day- 3 June

Veteran mountaineer Mr. Maurice Herzog and Louis Lachenal made first successful ascent on the tenth highest peak of the world Mt.Annapurna on 3 June 1950. The ascent of Mt.Annapurna hold special importance since it was the first ever successful ascent on the mountain of 8000m in the history of mankind. Therefore, NMA celebrates 3 June as Annapurna Day.

World Environment Day- 5 June

NMA is actively involved in setting guidelines and enforce the means to protect the mountain environment and to discourage haphazard tourism activities. NMA organizes various environment clean-up campaigns on Environment Day on 5 June to generate public awareness about environment.

Central General Assembly- August

An assembly of members comprising of general members is held in the month of August annually in the presence of one-third of the total general members to discuss on the policies, programs, income and expenditure of the association.

Basic Mountaineering Course- August

Basic Mountaineering Course is carried annually in August intended for the mountaineers to equip them with new techniques and methodology on mountaineering and rescue activities.

UAAA Environment Day- 1 Sep

UAAA has declared 1 Sep as the day for UAAA Environment Day and being NMA as the active member of UAAA, we have been involved in organizing different programs focused in environment.

World Tourism Day- 27 Sep

World Tourism Day is celebrated on 27 September annually to foster awareness among the international community of the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic values. NMA is one of the active organizations devoted for the promotion of mountain tourism worldwide, therefore, actively associates with tourism promotional programs organized by Government of Nepal on 27 September.

UIAA & UAAA Annual General Meeting- Oct

In 1932, representatives from 18 countries meeting in Chamonix, France, formed the Union Internationale des Association d’Alpinisme (UIAA) and agreed specific tasks to encourage mountaineering for the young, develop international standards, raise awareness about safety, and protect the environment. NMA regularly participates in UIAA General Meeting held annually in October. Similarly, the general assembly of Asian Alpine Federations called Union of Asian Alpine Association (UAAA) is also conducted in the same month.

IFSC Climbing Competition- 25 Dec

NMA is the active member of International Federation of Sports Climbing (IFSC) and dedicated for the development of climbing sports in Nepal. With this objective, it has been organizing IFSC Climbing Competition since December 2012.

NMA Day- 1 Nov

NMA was established on 1 November 1973 for mountain tourism promotion and mountain environment protection in the country. NMA organizes different programs to mark its anniversary. As a part of the anniversary, NMA annually awards the Kumar Khadga Bikram Shah Contribution Award and Dawa Norbu Mountaineering Tourism Journalism Award.

Park Young Seok Climbing Competition- Nov

NMA in coordination with Park Young Seok Foundation, Korea has been organizing Park Young Seok Climbing Competition since 2013 in November. Park Young Seok is the first Korean climber to climb all the 14 mountains above 8000m. NMA has coordinated with the foundation to organize climbing competition to develop climbing activities in Nepal.

International Mountain Day- 11 Dec

International Mountain Day is celebrated annually on 11 December to create awareness about the importance of mountains to life, to highlight the opportunities and constraints in mountain development and to build partnerships that will bring positive change to the world's mountains and highlands.