Training & Mountaineering Committee (T & M Committee)

T & M Committee is formed to carry out regular training programs of NMA in order to produce skilled mountaineers to develop mountaineering tourism as safe tourism. This committee mainly focuses on the development of mountaineering skills, efficiency and rescue techniques.

Welfare Committee

Welfare committee conducts welfare activities in the form of assistance to the families of those mountaineers who unfortunately meet tragedy on the high Himalayas.

Environment Conservation Committee

This committee conducts and coordinates activities to conserve mountaineering environment.

Publication & Publicity Committee ( P & P Committee)

P & P Committee convenes the regular publication of NMA focused on NMA activities.

International Mountain Museum Committee (IMM Committee)

IMM Committee looks after the smooth management and operation of IMM.

Mountaineering Rescue Committee

Mountaineering Rescue Committee conducts rescue activities in mountains.

International Mountaineer's Memorial Park Committee (IMMP Committee)

IMMP Committee coordinates the construction and operation of park established at Kakani in memory of deceased mountaineers on mountains.

Code of Conduct Monitoring Committee

Code of Conduct Monitoring Committee forwards it's report with suggestions to Central Executive Board on the complaints received againt the members of NMA. It also monitors code of conduct activities of members of NMA.

Chapter Coordination Committee

Chapter Coordination Committee coordinates and monitors the activities of different chapters.

Fund Raising


Artifacts Collection


Local Development Committee

Local Development Committee focuses it's activities on local development.

Sports Climbing Committee


Public Relation Committee


Casual Program Implementing Committee