Chinese delegates approach the NMA for collaboration
April 29, 2024

A delegation of Chinese officials, representing various counties and prefectures, extended a formal proposal for collaboration with the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) to advance mountain tourism initiatives in both countries.

The Chinese delegates, comprising senior officials from various counties and prefectures, have formally proposed collaboration with the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) for the development of mountain tourism in both countries.

The Chinese delegation, led by Mr. Yuan Mingguang, Secretary General of the Prefecture Committee of the CPC, formally proposed collaboration in various aspects of mountaineering, mountain environment preservation, and the preservation of the cultural heritage of mountain people during a meeting with NMA senior officials today.

The Chinese delegation included Mr. Yixi Zeren, County Magistrate of Seda County People’s Government; Mr. Nima Xiri, County Magistrate of Xiangcheng County People’s Government; Mr. Li Wei, Chairman of the Ganzi Prefecture Health Commission; Silang Qingpi, County Magistrate of Litang County People’s Government; and Mr. Lanka Binzhen, Section Chief of Garze Prefecture Foreign Affairs Office Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Section.

They formally proposed that the NMA participate in the mountaineering and tourism festival they organize annually. They also sought support from the NMA in sharing knowledge about mountaineering and conducting training for Chinese people in this field.

"We recognize Nepal's unique position as home to the world's highest mountains and a wealth of mountaineering expertise," remarked Mr. Yuan Mingguang. "Our aim is to foster a mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge in mountaineering practices. Furthermore, we extend an invitation for your participation in our mountain festivals."

The NMA responded positively to the Chinese delegation. "This proposal presents a remarkable opportunity to enhance mountain tourism in both our countries," affirmed Mr. Thakur Raj Pandey, Senior Vice President of the NMA, “We will do the necessary groundwork for this.” He also proposed that a Chinese delegation host exhibits featuring the importance of Chinese mountaineering, mountain environment, and the cultural heritage of their mountain people.

Mr. Mohan Lamsal, General Secretary; Mr. Dhan Bahadur Gurung, Secretary; and Mr. Rajendra Bahadur Lama, Central Secretariat Member of the NMA were also present during the meeting.


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