January 2016
NMA's authority to issue permit reinstated - 4 Jan

The Supreme Court decided to continue the interim order it had issued against the government's decision to prevent Nepal Mountaineering Association from issuing climbing permits for 27 mountains. On 9 October 2015, Government of Nepal decided to withdraw the authority of NMA to issue climbing permits and mandated the Department of Tourism to handle all NMA peaks. After a discussion with government attorneys, officials and other stakeholders, including NMA representatives, the apex court decided to continue its stay order on 3 Jan 2016. A division bench of justices Devendra Gopal Shrestha and Baidya Nath Upadhyay issued the order. On 7 Dec 2015, a single bench of Justice Om Prakash Mishra had issued an interim order against the decision taken by the Council of Ministers.