January 2017
Departure of AMC trainees and instructors - 8 Jan

NMA President Ang Tshering Sherpa bade goodbye to the 24 trainees and 10 instructors of 25th Advance Mountaineering Course. The course started in Kathmandu from 17 Dec 2016 and it completes on 30 Jan 2017. Lam Babu Sherpa is the coordinator for the training and TsheringPandeyBhote is the chief instructor for the training. They left for Langtang today to complete the remaining part of the training.

NMA Secretariat Office has shifted

NMA Secretariat Office shifted to opposite of East Gate of Narayanhiti Palace Museum at RadheRadhe Building ( betweenBimaan Bangladesh and B B Airways). Map of the new location is as follows. Contact details of the office remain same.