International Mountaineers Memorial Park
Int’l Mt. Memorial Park, Kakani

NMA has always accorded deep respect and has kept its tradition of honoring mountaineers. However, the hazards of mountain climbing are always there. It needs no mention that tragedies do occur on the high mountains which sometimes proves unavoidable.

As an attempt to reduce tragedies of fatalities, NMA has been conducting mountaineering training to interested people. The mountain climbing training that NMA has been conducting since many years has reduced the number of accidents in the Himalayas. This is a great achievement for an association that works on a no-profit basis.

The safety and welfare of the mountaineers has been its guiding principle. But, at times, tragedies cannot be avoided and the fury of nature in the form of snowstorms, avalanches and so on have led to the death of a number of mountaineers including the famous ones. The hazards of mountaineering are always there and the only way to mitigate them is preparation.

Those who succeed receive the limelight but those who die are forgotten after some time. This is the basic reason why NMA is establishing the International Mountaineers Memorial Park to perpetuate the memory of those mountaineers who have passed away. It is NMA's conviction that the deceased mountaineers must be paid respect even though they are not with us. Their endeavors and courage even during adverse conditions must receive attention. Likewise, many mountaineers have met unfortunate death while on the mountains. They also must be respected and honored.

With this sacred objective in our mind, we have started to construct International Mountaineers' Memorial park at Kakni. In order to meet our objectives, Government of Nepal granted us 144 Ropanis of land at Kakani in 1996. The foundation laying ceremony was held on May 28, 1998 on the occasion of Visit Nepal-98. Since then, with our limited budget, we have built shed for gatekeepers, 1000m long fencing wall, and toilets.

Presently, we are working on master plan proposed to develop park as one of the finest newly added tourism product in Nepal. The master plan includes memorial park, recreation center, conference hall, picnic spot, helipad etc. The Mountaineers Memorial Park could also be instrumental in attracting tourists as well as people from within the country so that they would be able to learn the risks that mountaineers face while on expeditions. They will also realize that mountaineering involves great dangers and those who face it must be respected.

Master plan:

Download PDF of Master Plan for more detail

Memorial Monuments:

NMA has endorsed the guidelines to construct monuments in the memory of deceased mountaineers in IMMP, Kakani. A committee formed under the convenership of Ist Vice President Mr. Zimba Zangbu Sherpa with the following members formulated the guidelines for the construction of monuments.

• Mr. Bhumi Lal Lama- IInd Vice President

• Mr. Narhari Bhandari- Secretary

• Mr. Ang Kaji Sherpa- Treasurer

• Mr. Khadananda Dhakal- Representative, Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation


1. NMA allots an area of 20' x 20' for the construction of monument. The memorial monument will cover the area of 4' x 4' inside the allotted area. The maximum height of the monument should be within 11' including the platform. Damaging of landscape will be strictly prohibited during the construction of monument.

2. NMA will construct the monuments of first, second and third successful 

Mt. Everest Nepalese Summiteers and first summiteers of remaining seven eight thousand meters peak of Nepal.

3. NMA may look after the construction of monuments with an additional administrative charge of  25% on quotation amount received in case of the families of Nepalese or foreign mountaineers interested to construct monuments of the summiteers of eight thousand meters peak located inside or outside Nepal with own expenses.

Artificial Climbing Wall:

With financial assistance from the Embassy of French Republic, a climbing wall, 15m height, was built at IMMP. Mr. Henry Sigaret, French volunteer played a vital role in the construction of the wall. The climbing wall was hand over officially by His Excellency French Ambassador Michel Jolivet to NMA on 28 Jan 2006, Saturday at Kakani.


Electricity and clean water facility available

Sufficient parking area

Toilet and telephone facility

Picnic spot with ideal and peaceful environment.

Picnic fare:

Picnic per group(1-20pax) = Rs. 1500/-

Picnic per group(above 21pax)= Rs. 2000/-

Entry fee for Sightseeing per person= Rs. 20/- 

Motorcycle entry fee= Rs. 20/-

Car, Zeep, Van entry Fee- Rs. 40/-

Bus, Truck entry Fee= Rs. 100/-

Our staff:

Currently, one following staff is employed at IMMP for its management.

1. Mr. Sanu Tamang


International Mountaineers' Memorial Park, Kakani.