Nabil Bank supports NMA with ten lakhs eight thousand rupees
June 26, 2023

Nabil Bank Limited, one of the leading financial institutions in Nepal, demonstrated its commitment to social welfare by contributing a substantial amount of ten lakhs eight thousand rupees to the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) for its welfare program. The donation aims to support the education of children whose parents tragically lost their lives during mountaineering expeditions.

In a short yet impactful ceremony held at NMA secretariat, Mr. Roshan Koirala, the Senior Relationship Manager of Nabil Bank, and Ms. Mona Sharma, the branch manager of Nabil Bank's Maharajgunj Branch, presented a cheque of ten lakhs and eight thousand rupees to Mr. Thakur Raj Pandey, the senior vice president of NMA. The generous contribution will be added to the NMA's welfare fund, which is specifically designated to aid the educational needs of the children of the deceased mountaineers.

Expressing his gratitude, Mr. Pandey thanked Nabil Bank and acknowledged the support of Mr. Roshan Koirala and the entire Nabil Bank family. He emphasized the significance of the donation, stating, "This generous amount will go a long way in supporting the education of children who have lost their mountaineer parents during their climbing endeavors. We are sincerely grateful for Nabil Bank's invaluable contribution."

Mr. Koirala, representing Nabil Bank, expressed his belief in the exceptional work carried out by the NMA. He remarked, "NMA has been doing exceptional work, and we are honored to be a part of this program. We are confident that this contribution will profoundly impact the lives of these children and help them achieve a brighter future."

The welfare program, currently providing assistance to 52 students, also extends its support to three differently-abled mountaineers. The funds donated by Nabil Bank will further strengthen the NMA's efforts to empower and uplift these individuals.

The handover ceremony was conducted in the presence of Chief Executive Officer Mr. Kul Prasad Rai as a moderator, Secretary Mr. Dhan Bahadur Gurung, Treasurer Mr. Mukti Pandey, and Central Executive Board member Mr. Pitamber Gurung.