Press statement released by Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation- 22 April

April 23, 2014

Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) released press statement on 22 April 2014 in order to make cordial environment for the mountaineering expeditions. In the press statement, MoCTCA has also announced some relief package for the mountaineers died and missing in the avalanche that happened on 18 April on Everest.
Some of the major highlights of the statements are as follows.
1.    Government of Nepal has already decided to contribute 30% of the royalty collected from the mountain for Village Development Committee (VDC). As per the new decision, 5% of the amount that goes to VDC will be allocated for Mountain Relief Fund and all the concerned organizations will be involved in making terms and condition within two months to mobilize this amount in the following titles.
•    Rehabilitation of the injured summiteers
•    Management of the education of the dead and missing summiteers
•    Rehabilitation, capacity development and daily livelihood of the families of dead and missing summiteers.
•    Rescue and medical expenses
2. The insurance amount of one million will be made up to 1.5 million of the sirdar, mountain and high altitude worker.
3. Medical insurance of the amount Three Hundred Thousand to  will be made up to Rupees Four Hundred Thousand.
4. In the memory of dead and missing mountaineers, an initiation to construct memorial park in any suitable place will be allocated for the construction of memorial park. Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation will allocate certain budget annually for this project.  
5. The opened mountains which are not climbed due to lack of promotion will be handed over to Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) for the management. Fixed amount of the peak royalty will be deposited in the Mountaineers Relief Fund.
6. Regarding died and missing mountaineers in avalanche on 18 April, additional financial assistance of the amount (which is insufficient as per the proposed insured amount mentioned in S. no 2) will be provided to their family.
7. Initiation will be taken to manage addition financial assistance for the injured mountaineers.
8. Additional fund (not covered by insurance) will be provided to the helicopters used in rescue activities.
9. Continuation will be given in the restriction of flying helicopter above base camp except rescue activities and permitted one.
10. Continuation will be given not allowing leaving garbage above base camp.
11. Nepal Mountaineering Association will manage education of the children of the dead and missing mountaineers.

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