Junko Tabei in Kathmandu to celebrate 40th year of ascent of Everest- 22 Sep

September 23, 2015

On the occasion of completion of forty years of ascent of Everest by Junko Tabei, a special program was organized on 22 Sep in the capital to mark this august occasion. Junko Tabei, the first woman to climb Mt. Everest came all the way from Japan to Nepal- her second home country. Her expedition's name was Japanese Women's Everest Expedition, which had 15 members and she became the first woman to climb Everest on May 16, 1975 from that team. Honb'le Minister for Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation, Mr. Kripasur Sherpa was the chief guest of the program. Personalities from different government sectors, representatives from different travel and tourism related organizations, Everest summiteers and many more also attended the program. President of Union of Alpine Association (UAAA) In Jeoung Lee and Ex-President of Japan Mountaineering Association (JMA) Tadao Kanzaki were also present in the program. On behalf of NMA, President; Mr. Ang Tshering Sherpa handed her a certificate of appreciation for her special contribution for the development of Nepal's mountain tourism globally. Coincidentally, 22 Sep is her birthday and she celebrated her birthday on the same occasion. The renowned Japanese mountaineer, who came here with more than 35 Japanese trekkers to support the country’s tourism economy in the aftermath of devastating quake. Tabei appealed world climbers and visitors to come to Nepal as the country needed more tourists now than ever. She also mentioned Everest trekking route is all safe for visitors in the aftermath of April earthquake.


Congratulatory remark by President of Nepal Mountaineering Association, Mr.Ang Tshering Sherpa in his own words :


Hon’ able Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation,
His Excellencies the Ambassadors of Japan and South Korea to Nepal 
First Woman Everest Summiteer legendary Madame Junko Tabei and her family members,
NMA Chief Advisor and Former State Minister Mrs. Yankila Sherpa,
Advisors and officials of NMA,
High Officials of GoN,
President and representative of various organizations
Legendary Mountaineers,
Distinguished Guest,
Media personals,
Ladies and Gentlemen:

It is the greatest pleasure and honor to have this opportunity to extend my warmest congratulation on behalf of Nepal Mountaineering Association, mountaineering fraternities myself to the Madame Junko Tabei on the 40th Jubilation of “The First Successful Woman’s Ascent on Mt. Everest”.

Every diamond jubilee and jubilation that we have celebrated in the past had its own importance. Indeed, this 40th jubilation of the first woman’s summit on Mt. Everest is also a unique one with a special importance. In other word, during this difficult moment of post earthquake scenario, also the selection of our country by Madam Junko Tabei to organize this 40th jubilation on Mt. Everest by women has raised a ray of hope in speedy recovery of our tourism industry. Our long friendly relationship with Madame Tabei, HAT-J, Alpine Clubs and Mountaineering Association of Japan, people and Government of Japan has really worked in this matter reminding us a saying “A friend in need is a friend is indeed “. For this, we are very much indebted to the Japanese friends and government. Madame Junko Tabei!!! You are the symbol of courage, bravery and endurance by creating records and history by summiting Mt Everest as being the first woman in the world 40 years back. You are the source of inspiration for millions of people in your own country and others as well. I would like to thank, from the bottom of my heart. And we look forward to receive much greater support and co-operation in the days ahead.

The impact of recent earthquake on 25 April, 12 May 2015 followed by more than 400 aftershocks has been disproportionately greater in remote mountain region of Nepal. The Himalayas are the most vulnerable to the impact of climate change, earthquake and other natural calamities. Tourism industry plays a significant role in Nepal’s economy by employing a major share of the Nepalese workforce and provides economy opportunities to those who need the most in rural regions. In the aftermath of the earthquakes, recovery of Nepal’s tourism is going to be vital factors in the recovery process of Nepal. Safety conditions being the major concern of potential visitors to Nepal, the mountain tourism communities is taking the concerned very seriously and is also taking measures to review areas of safety concern and improve them. There is an urgent need to repair and maintain the trails, bridges, roads and other infrastructures.

At present, NMA, TAAN, Climate Alliance of Himalayan Community (CAHC) and other mountain tourism related organizations in partnership with UNWFP (UN World Food Programme) is assessing community and trekking trails, bridges and roads by integrated team of experts and repairing and maintaining these areas with the hope that we can operate tourism safely from the coming season. It is our collective interest from private sectors, government and developmental partners to increase the number visitors to Nepal and at the same time does not compromise the safety and security of the visitors. At the same time we are also mobilizing the humanitarian relief goods and foods from road heads and air access by porters to various mountainous regions and distribute to the earthquake affected mountain communities. Also with the financial support from the UKAID and Samarth NMDP, we are building mountain huts and shelters to popular mountaineering and trekking areas.

Tourism is one of Nepal's most important industries, income and employment generator and key to develop the remote areas. It is in our collective interest from private sector, government and the development partner to increase the number of visitors to Nepal and at the same time does not compromise the safety and security of the visitors.

More than anything else, we need to get people back to work so that they look after themselves, that means we need to get tourism up and running as it is the biggest employers as industries. I believed that the visit of Madame Tabei and her team members trek to Everest region and other parts of Nepal can play a tremendously effective and powerful role in spreading the word in the world that Nepal is save travel. We need to let the world know that the best way to help Nepal is by visiting her so that each dollar they spent in Nepal will help to revive the economy and rebuild the infrastructures even better than before.

Before closing my welcome remark, I have the pleasure to inform and invite you to the diamond jubilee of Mt. Manaslu, first ascent by Toshio Imanishi of Japan and Gyalgen Norbu Sherpa of Nepal on 9 May 1956 and two days later from the same team, Miroru Higeti and Kichiro Kato climbed on 11 May 1956 and also diamond jubilee of establishment of diplomatic relation between Nepal and Japan next year. I hope all of you can join us next year for these grand events.

Finally, I would like to extend my hearty greeting to all who have come all the way to join us in this jubilant and joyous moment that we are enjoying today in celebrating the glorious past, that is to say the 40th jubilation of the First Woman’s Summit on Mt. Everest on 25th April 1975 by Madame Tabei.

Thank you all and good evening

Ang Tshering Sherpa
President of Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA).
Chairman of Climate Alliance of Himalayan Communities (CAHC)
Honorary Member of International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA),
IP President of Asian Mountaineering And Climbing Federation (UAAA)












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