NMA to support 31 lakh to Jajarkot Earthquake victims
By Admin | November 5, 2023

The Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) has decided to provide support of NPR 31, 11,111 (Thirty-One Lakh, Eleven Thousand, One Hundred Eleven) for the relief and rescue efforts aimed at earthquake victims in the western part of Nepal.

A 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck western Nepal on Friday midnight, resulting in the loss of more than 100 lives in Jajarkot and West Rukum.

During a Central Executive Board meeting held today at the NMA Secretariat in Nagpokhari, Naxal, the decision to provide this support was made. The proposal put forth by President Mr. Nima Nuru Sherpa was unanimously approved during the meeting.

President Mr. Sherpa emphasized, "We should extend our support to the government of Nepal in this time of emergency to aid in the rescue, rehabilitation, and relief of earthquake victims."

The meeting also expressed deep sorrow and passed a resolution offering condolences to the families of all the deceased victims and sympathy to their loved ones. Additionally, the meeting wished for a speedy and complete recovery for all the injured.

The NMA, a national alpine association of the country dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Nepal's mountain tourism, has consistently been supporting the government and people of Nepal in times of emergency.

The NMA, even during the time of the coronavirus pandemic, has extended its support to the government of Nepal.


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