Photographer Hubatschek shares her experience of exploring alps farming
December 9, 2023

Renowned Austrian photographer Ms. Irmtraud Hubatschek shared her experience of exploring mountain life worldwide during the 8th Mountain Festival.

Organized by the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), this festival is currently taking place at the International Mountain Museum (IMM) premises in Rato Pairo, Pokhara, and concludes on Tuesday. As part of the event, NMA organized a discussion session with Ms. Hubatschek.

The IMM hall witnessed audiences enjoying Ms. Hubatschek's presentation, followed by an interactive question-and-answer session. Reflecting on her experiences, she emphasized, "The landscape of farming in the Alps has undergone various changes. Consequently, it becomes our collective responsibility to inspire and promote organic farming practices in these regions."

Ms. Hubatschek's passion for capturing the essence of mountain life mirrors that of her mother, Dr. Erika Hubatschek, a geographer, ethnologist, and photographer. Ms. Hubatschek has diligently followed in her mother's footsteps, creating a visual narrative of agricultural practices in the Alps.

The collaborative work of the Mother & Daughter Hubatschek has found a permanent home within the IMM since this year. The photographs showcased within the museum serve as a timeless testament to the dynamic changes and traditions witnessed in the lives of mountain communities.

Through their lens, the Hubatscheks have not only captured picturesque landscapes but have also documented the resilience and adaptability of mountain dwellers in the face of agricultural landscapes. The ongoing exhibition at the IMM stands as a reminder of the interconnectedness between nature, culture, and the imperative for sustainable practices in these unique mountain ecosystems.

In essence, Ms. Irmtraud Hubatschek's participation in the 8th Mountain Festival not only celebrated her remarkable visual storytelling but also fostered a deeper appreciation for the balance between tradition and progress in the mountainous regions she has documented.


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